Drilling rig modules
for Peregrino Phase II

BigLift’s Happy Sky and Happy Dynamic have transported the modules for a drilling rig which will be deployed at the Peregrino Phase II project in Brazil. Happy Dynamic picked up her cargo in Singapore and Happy Sky collected drilling modules in Grimstad, Norway. All the modules were transported to Ingleside, USA to be prepared for transport to their final destination in Brazil.

At the end of December 2017, Happy Dynamic transported two modules, the heaviest of which was 437 mt and measured 27 x 8 x 12 metres, and the second one, measuring 21 x 9 x 14 metres, weighed 239 mt. Both modules were loaded below deck as a part cargo.

The second voyage for the project, carried out by Happy Sky in the summer of 2018, was more extensive. A total of 59,500 m3 of modules with an impressive weight of 3,300 mt was loaded in Grimstad and transported to Ingleside.


BigLift’s Engineering department played a vital role in this project as each of the cargo pieces was large and heavy, and they were complicated to lift due to their acentric centres of gravity. Tailored lifting arrangements were designed for each piece, and additional lifting beams were shipped from BigLift’s warehouse in Amsterdam to cater for some of the lifting configurations. Additionally, BigLift designed special equipment such as push-pull bars and stoppers for the seafastening and load spreading.

1,100 mt drilling tower

The project was executed in close cooperation with DNV-GL, which was the Marine Warranty Surveyor. Amongst the 25 modules was a 1,100 mt oversized drilling tower, measuring 22 x 27 x 67 metres. This module was loaded by Happy Sky’s two, 900 mt cranes in a tandem lift operation and placed on the tank top of the vessel, together with a number of other high pieces.

Even though it was smaller in size, the single lift of a 33-metre-high module was another challenge, since the lifting points of this piece were situated on top of the module and the crane’s lifting height was 38.5 metres – only 5.5 metres to spare. Therefore, a special lifting arrangement was designed for this module.


However, the overriding challenge in this project were the draught limitations in both the loading and discharge ports. Special attention was given to bunker management in order to keep the vessel’s draught in line with the ports’ capacities.

The close cooperation between NYMO, DNV and the BigLift Engineers was very much appreciated by the client.

Peregrino oil field

The Peregrino oil field is located approximately 85 km offshore Brazil, in the Campos Basin in water depths of 100 metres. Equinor and Sinochem are joint field owners, with Equinor being the operator with a 60% stake. Peregrino has a production capacity of 100,000 bpd and the concession period of the field extends to 2040.

The second phase involves the oil field’s south-west area, which is not accessible by the existing A and B platforms. Its development plan involves increasing the number of production wells in the new area by drilling 15 oil producers and six water injectors.

A new drilling centre - the third platform WHP-C - will be installed in water depths of 120 metres for drilling the production and injection wells, with first oil expected at the end of 2020. Facilities available at the WHP-C will include drilling facilities, utilities, power generation, living quarters and a helideck.