Huisman VLS for Suape

Earlier this year, Happy Star loaded a Vertical Laying System (VLS) at the quayside of Huisman Equipment, Schiedam, The Netherlands. Huisman manufactured the laying tower, which weighs 1,150 mt, for the Offshore Construction Vessel “Skandi Olinda”, under construction in Suape, Brazil.

A detailed shipping manual and engineering plans form the basis of such complex loading and installation operations. Huisman and BigLift worked closely together to achieve the best possible solution.

In order to guarantee a successful installation and upending operation, the tower had to be tilted 33 degrees prior to loading and was transported to Brazil in that position. In Schiedam, a trial was performed to make sure the angled lift would work as planned.

After a fortnight’s sailing, Happy Star moored alongside Skandi Olinda, and used her own heavy lift cranes to up-end the VLS and then install it directly on Skandi Olinda.

Additionally, Happy Star installed two Knuckle Boom Cranes onto Skandi Olinda. They had also been fabricated by Huisman, Schiedam.