Dear Reader,

We are proud to present you BigNews 32 in a new medium and format.

Using modern technology we are now able to present you BigNews enriched with more extensive visuals, movies and links, which can be read on any system or device.

In this issue we offer you the stories we thought are worth sharing with you. Of course, you will have direct access to our ships’ details and our website as well, thanks to the new digital shape.

We bring you the modules for Peregrino Phase II that Happy Sky moved to Brazil. Her sister Happy Star was instrumental in moving 31 transition pieces for the Deutsche Bucht Offshore Wind Farm from Avilés, Spain.

The spectacular transportation of a VLS tower took us from Schiedam, the Netherlands, to Suape, Brazil. The VLS had been built by Huisman Equipment. It had to be loaded under an angle and tilted before final positioning. The last story is on the transport for the Sergipe I power plant where we deployed 4 vessels for power plant equipment to Brazil.

The magazine contains only a fraction of all that we do. And in whatever way we tell you about them, the fact remains that we can only be successful in our projects if cooperation and communication remains open between all parties concerned. The clients and their supervising teams, our technical teams and our own checks and balances are all there; technical, commercial, operations or safety related. This mixture is key to a safe and efficient shipment solution.

I wish you an entertaining read and view.

Arne Hubregtse,
Managing Director