Dear Reader,

Welcome to the latest edition of BigNews.

Last time, you informed us that you appreciate the new format. We aim to fully use the exciting possibilities of the new digital BigNews so that we can give you further insight in our recent work. It goes without saying that you will also have direct access to our ships’ details and our website via BigNews.

In this issue we offer you articles about a variety of challenging crane and offshore shipments taking place all over the world and we add a more technical piece for those who are interested in the details of preparing for a complicated cargo operation.

We highlight BigLift Barentsz, which loaded and moved a jackup rig, Happy Sky and her transport of a large, disassembled barge loader from India to Guinea, and her sister ship Happy Star, which transported an STS container crane to Guadeloupe. As well as this, BigLift vessels delivered the key elements for the prestigious Kaombo project off West Africa.

Of course, we completed many more successful shipments than we can fit into even a digital magazine. For all these shipments – complicated or straightforward – the open cooperation and communication between parties concerned is key to a safe and efficient shipment solution.

Enjoy your reading and viewing!

Arne Hubregtse,
Managing Director