Dear Reader,

Welcome to the autumn edition of BigNews.

In this issue we will take you to the extreme regions of our planet. We delivered cargoes in Africa, sailed to Antarctica and the Canadian North, but also sailed through the Bosphorus and to the Netherlands.

We highlight BigLift Barentsz at work in Milne Inlet and Happy Buccaneer with a very demanding project, handling cargo close to the limit. Additionally, practically our whole fleet – including the new P-type vessels – was deployed for the Dangote project in Nigeria. At the same time, Happy Star delivered two very large shiploaders to Taman in the Black Sea.

Meanwhile, on January 1, 2020, the IMO’s cut-off date for lower sulphur emissions comes into force. In our “Snap Shots” you can read about our choice for exhaust gas cleaning systems and watch our video on the subject. In our opinion fitting exhaust gas cleaning systems is the most effective and safe way to meet the global sulphur limitations.

Of course, it goes without saying, that we could not have done all these splendid jobs if it were not for the open cooperation and communication between all parties concerned. Communication is the basis for a safe and efficient shipping solution.

Enjoy your reading and viewing!

Arne Hubregtse,
Managing Director