BigLift Shipping - Busy in Petro

One sector where BigLift is keeping busy is the petrochemical industry, which involves the transportation of columns and other major components for new or refurbished petrochemical plants.

Major construction companies manufacture complicated, often large and heavy, columns which then need to be moved to another country where the equipment is being built in a petrochemical complex as a new addition or sometimes as a replacement. In the past months we handled several valuable constructions that warrant a mention.

Columns for Deugro's FLNG Project

For Deugro’s Coral FLNG project Spliethoff’s mv Paleisgracht loaded two rather long columns in Port Manatee, USA, for Masan, KR. We loaded a Pre-Cooler LNG Exchanger of 352 mt, with a length of 30 m and a diameter of just over 6.5 m, as well as an MHCE LNG Exchanger weighing 342 mt, which was longer and thinner being 42.08 m long and just over 5.5 m in diameter.

Modules for "Yosemite Project"

In Texas, Gulf Coast Growth Ventures is building a monoethylene glycol (MEG) plastics manufacturing facility under the working title “Yosemite Project”. Most of the plant is built up from seven large modules. For their transportation from the Far East, large modular carriers are involved. BigLift will move modules 5, 6 and 7. So far, BigLift has shipped four (partial) shipments for this project. Mv Happy Sky carried two Ethylene oxide reactors for CTCI McDermott Integrated. The reactors weigh 1,100 mt each. Mv Happy Sky also took some smaller reactors in the same shipment for freight forwarder JAS. Additionally, for the Yosemite Project, mv BigLift Baffin loaded module 7 on board in Altamira, MX, and delivered it in Corpus Christi, USA. This module weighs 2,380 mt. In the same voyage, three pipe racks of 112 to 165 mt each were also taken on board. More BigLift vessels will be involved later this year. We will provide more details in the next issue of BigNews.

Petro cargoes from Korea to Texas

BigLift employed mv Pietersgracht to move four cargoes from Korea to Texas for various clients.

Mv Pietersgracht lifted 4,800 mt of pipes on board, as well as 42 units for a Gas Phase Reactor, with the main components being the demethaniser of 56.7 metres long, three 14 metre dehydrator units and the amine contactor which measured 28.2 metres. As she would be en route from Korea to the Gulf of Mexico anyway, the vessel also loaded 28 packages of shell and tube exchanger in Pyeontaek, KR, and discharged them in Altamira, MX.

So all in all a fairly full ship, using many of her abilities and servicing four clients at the same time.

Another shipment for Dangote

Further adding to the Dangote story, which we have written about a number of times before, and which also involves a petrochemical plant, mv Happy Rover (pictured right) loaded cargoes for various shippers in three ports in India -- Kandla, Mumbai and Mangalore -- for the Lekki yard in Nigeria. The heaviest cargo weighed 360 mt.

Heavy lifts for DHL

For DHL, mv Happy Star (pictured left) moved four heavy lifts from Mumbai, IN, to the Rabigh Refining & Petrochemical company in Saudi Arabia. The heaviest item was the C3 splitter condenser which weighed 182 mt.