Jetty extension of the Tempa Rossa refinery

In Taranto, IT, Happy Sky was the “tool of choice” for the extension of the existing jetty at the ENI refinery. Happy Sky loaded three modules and five loading arms within the port of Taranto, then sailed the short stretch to the Tempa Rossa Refinery jetty and anchored in a mooring spread designed in close cooperation between the refinery and BigLift.

From these mooring positions, BigLift was able to install the modules, the heaviest of which weighed abt 500ts. The loading, seafastening and installation was performed by the crew. Only the bolting down of the respective parts needed the assistance of the team from Fincosit.

BigLift, assisted by our Italian agent HB Shipping, was involved in this project from the design stage of the modules four years ago, always keeping in mind that they would have to be installed on piles. For quick and safe installation, a lifting arrangement based on a tandem lift was engineered to allow for very precise handling. This proved to be of the utmost importance as at some stages the clearance was only 20 mm.

BigLift is very experienced in installing loading arms and is well aware that some parts are more delicate than others and must be treated with the utmost care. Over the years, BigLift has carried out similar jobs in less protected environments; in such circumstances a heave-compensation-module is used on the vessel’s cranes.

Since this project is an extension of a live refinery jetty, great emphasis was put on QHSE, with which BigLift can comply. In this respect the recently implemented Safe Sailings programme proved its worth. Apart from the modules, small decks (Campatas) for the jetty were installed as well. The whole operation was executed within nine days, which was within the scheduled time frame ensuring minimum down time of the terminal.