Chung Yang and BigLift - a good team

STS cranes on the move

In 2016 BigLift Shipping and Chung Yang Shipping from Korea first cooperated in shipping when Biglift entrusted a shipment of three Kone Cranes STS container cranes to m.v. CY Interocean I, then on its maiden trip.

This shipment planted the seed for what has become a close relationship between the two companies. Since 2020, HTVs m.v. CY Interocean I and CY Interocean II have been fully integrated in BigLift’s fleet of vessels. Recently, m.v. CY Interocean I engaged in three consecutive ‘cross voyages’ from Cadiz to Tangier, delivering six of a total of eight new Liebherr STS cranes, of 1,600 mt each. The cranes are 97.2 m high and 150.4 m wide and were loaded and discharged by ro-ro method, driven on board by SPMTs. In January, the last two STS cranes of this type were safely delivered by m.v. BigLift Barentsz.

For the first three shipments the extremely short lead-time was quite challenging and resulted in a very intensive and successful cooperation with Mammoet.

All eight STS cranes, with a rated load of 65 mt and a 54 m lifting height, were destined for the Container Terminal TC3 of Tangier Med Port 2, a terminal featuring a nominal capacity of 1.5 million containers.

Early 2021, m.v. CY Interocean I performed for Mitsui E&S, of Japan, a voyage with two STS cranes – each 1,270 mt – and six RTGs – each 130 mt – from Oita to Puerto Bolivar, EQ. Here the loading and discharge method used was skidding. Recently m.v. CY Interocean II sailed literally all across the globe in a long-haul voyage from Oita, JP, via Cape of Good Hope to Gavle in Sweden, delivering three Mitsui E&S STS cranes of 1,300 mt each.

BigLift’s own two MC class HTV vessels and Chung Yang’s two CY class HTV vessels complement each other well, and they will be serving a whole range of markets in the coming years. We will see them busy in Port Utility, often for crane manufacturers, but also for EPC Contractors for Onshore/Offshore Oil, Gas and OWF Modules, for PARs and PAUs and so on. Directly after departure from Gavle, m.v. CY Interocean II was called into Antwerp to load three STS cranes of 1,250 mt at Hessenatie Terminal, destined for Huelva, Spain for the Yilport Terminal.

Photo courtesy above picture: Port of Huelva