MC-Class for OHT

For OHT’s new flagship m.v. Alfa Lift – the largest and most innovative, custom-built offshore wind foundation installation vessel – we booked two shipments with crane parts for Alfa Lift’s new 3,000 mt main crane.

The first shipment, the A-frame, of 36.22*27.5*14.35 m, and the slewing column, of 1,775 mt, with auxiliary items, were transported by m.v. BigLift Barentsz.

These pieces had originally been designated for one of Spliethoff’s P-type vessels. However, the requirements for the slewing column required such high standards – maximum deflection of the deck of 5 mm – that it was decided to schedule m.v. BigLift Barentsz for this particular shipment. She was the perfect vessel for this shipment. The second part of this cargo involved only the 796 mt boom, which measures 82*19.5*13.4 m. BigLift Baffin was the logical choice there; she was available at the right moment and was due for Asia anyway. All pieces were loaded at the Liebherr Facility in Rostock, DE, and after a safe sea voyage, delivered to China Merchants Heavy Industry (CMHI) in Nantong, CN.