Dear Reader,

Welcome to BigNews 37.

Since our last BigNews, end of last year, the COVID-19 situation has run on. More and more countries have stepped up their vaccination programmes and on the whole people can travel more. But, most communication is still conducted digitally and, in some parts of the world, relieving crews or attending vessels in ports can still be complicated to even impossible. The situation still requires everybody’s patience and resilience. Cargo-wise, we have been quite busy these last months. In this issue of BigNews we highlight a number of projects as they were special, or because you might be inspired by the way we handle the projects that come our way. In this issue, you will find a good number of port development projects, which feature passenger bridges, container cranes, unloaders and offshore crane parts. May we draw your attention specially to the shipment on the CY Interocean I and II vessels, included in our fleet through our cooperation with CY Shipping and to our involvement in emergency response operations. In this issue we highlight our engineers, one of the backbones of our company’s operations. With their training and experience they ensure, by thorough design and calculations, we can move your cargoes in the best and safest possible way. And of course, sustainability is high on our agenda as well; the way to a more sustainable operation is a key issue for our company. You will find an overview of how we strive to improve our footprint. In short we present to you our flexible and inventive company, ready to take on your cargo to travel safely over the globe. For now, we wish you a good summer and an enjoyable read. Stay Healthy

Arne Hubregtse,
Managing Director