All sailing for Dos Bocas

From Q3 2021, eight different vessels operated by BigLift Shipping were involved in the shipment of refinery equipment for the Dos Bocas refinery, which is under construction in Tabasco, MX.

Together with partner Mammoet, and one voyage with Thermax, multiple transports were arranged from locations such as Constanta, Gemlik, Cagliari and Porto Marghera in the Mediterranean area as well as Indian and U.S. ports. Reactors, fractionators, vacuum columns and hydro tanks were moved to the draft restricted berth in Mexico over a period of little under a year. Almost all vessel types of the BigLift fleet, including the Spliethoff's P-Type vessels and one of the CY vessels of our partner deck carrier operator Chung Yang, were called in at various times to carry parts of this project. M.v. Happy River started in September 2021 from Constanta, RO, with two 279 mt SHU reactors of 30 m. Hot on her heels followed CY Interocean II with a full deck of modules, which were fitted together like a jig-saw puzzle. This particular voyage was a CY booking.

Over the next months, we saw Happy River, Happy Sky, Pauwgracht, Happy Dynamic, Poolgracht and Plantijngracht make the trip with reactor columns ranging in length from 30 to 80 metres, fractionators of well over 1000 mt, sour water strippers, regulators, the occasional module of 925 mt, and great quantities of smaller items. All cargoes were safely delivered, handled with care and great skill, after the meticulous preparation that such great variety of sizes, lengths and widths require.