Dear Reader,

Our website reads ‘Key in heavy lift, one of the leading heavy lift shipping companies in worldwide transport of heavy lift and project cargoes’. We are proud to underwrite this with the projects and shipments recently executed and presented in this issue of BigNews.

To start, we take you to the Tortue Ahmeyim project. A project out at sea, off the coast of Mauretania, where a 1000 m long breakwater provides shelter for the work vessels who bring in and install the materials for the offshore hub that is being constructed for the transfer of LNG.

Another large extensive project has been the Dos Bocas Refinery project, which has been running for almost a year and presently sees the last deliveries. This project required almost all BigLift vessel types and some Spliethoff P-type vessels as well.

Furthermore, once again we went to Antarctica, this time with our Happy Dragon. After extensive audits to make sure the vessel would not take any pollutants into the fragile environment, Happy Dragon took in supplies and provisions as well as researchers to replenish and re-staff the research stations in the Southern-most regions of the globe in multiple voyages.

Last but not least we would like to draw your attention to the large projects for the shipment of renewables; be they windmill blades or foundations, or the, by now giant, substations for extensive offshore wind parks, we are happy to ship them and take them to their destination.

We wish you much pleasure browsing through this issue of BigNews.

Arne Hubregtse, Managing Director

Photo: m.v. Poolgracht